Sometimes we call ourselves "CoaH"; you can call us that too.



Whether you grew up attending church, or this is your first time, it can be challenging to visit a church for the first time. All of our services are built very similarly to one another in that we go through several ancient movements of worship together. Here's a quick description:

CALL TO WORSHIP - We begin all our worship gatherings with a call to worship. It is a time for us to recognize that God has initiated a relationship with us through the person and work of Jesus.

WORSHIP THROUGH SONG - Songs of praise and lament, responsive readings, and prayers give us a voice for engaging in worship with God.

PASSING OF THE PEACE - Through Jesus we are given peace with God. During the passing of the peace we greet those around us, extending peace to one another as God has extended to us.

PRAYERS OF THE CHURCH - Each week we highlight something going on in the church and join our hearts to pray for this topic.

READING & PREACHING OF GOD'S WORD - Scripture is at the center of everything we do as a church. We believe God has spoken to us in the Bible, so we take around 40-45 minutes each week to explore these sacred Scriptures together.

COMMUNION - We celebrate communion, sometimes called "the Lord's supper", each week. Through taking the bread and drinking the cup, Christians remember Jesus' sacrifice for us and celebrate their union with him. If you are not a Christian, we encourage you to continue to explore Christ and wait until you have experienced new life in him to take communion.

GIVING - We take up an offering each week. This is an opportunity for God's people to support God's mission. We give our tithes and offering to God by contributing to the local church. You can give by dropping an offering in the basket on a Sunday, online, or through the app. Giving goes toward a budget approved by CoaH members and is overseen by our finance team.

BENEDICTION - We end every worship gathering with a short prayer and blessing for the road.

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    Here are the best next steps to take in order to get more plugged into our community:

    1. Check out a Newcomer Sunday the next time we host one. This will allow you to meet lots of leaders and hear the vision/history of CoaH. Check out the event page to see if one is coming up!
    2. Join a community group! CoaH is a really simple church with two wings - CoaH Gathered and CoaH Scattered. It's through these groups where we practice the "one anothers" found in the Bible, such as love one another, serve one another, speak the truth in love to one another. Community groups are for everyone. You don't have to be a member or even a Christian to join a community group.
    3. Attend the next membership class. The membership class is a 3-4 hr class where you'll learn more about who we are and what it means to be a member at CoaH. It's required to be a member but does not require you to be a member. We generally have member classes 3-4 times a year. Check out the event page to see if we have one coming up.
    4. The last way to get more plugged in is by serving. When Jesus saves us, he turns us into servants of his Kingdom. We have opportunities to serve within the church (such as the CoaH Kids or First Impressions ministries), but we also serve the community in lots of ways.

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