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Secret Church

Friday, February 6th | 7PM-Midnight
Driscoll School Theater | 721 Washington St. Brookline, MA 02446
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Secret Church is an opportunity for us to devote ourselves to the careful study of God's Word on a particular topic. We spend five hours together to hear teaching and to pray for the persecuted church all across the world that meets like this to learn about God.

Secret Church was started by Dr. David Platt at Church of the Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL. We're taking their idea, but making it our own by having City on a Hill pastors teach the curriculum. Here is the description of the event taken from their web page. For more information, check out their webpage:

When we think of "church" in America, we think of going to meet at a building, singing, praying and hearing a message from a Pastor or teacher. But in many places around the world, "church" meets in a home, an apartment, even in secret. These small groups of Christ-followers often meet for many hours in study, prayer and fellowship, as it is dangerous to travel to "church" and they want to make the most of their time together.

Secret Church is a kind of "house church," where we meet periodically for an intense time of Bible study--lasting 4-6 hours--and prayer for our persecuted brothers and sisters across the globe. This is not for the uncommitted or faint at heart. But if you desire to know God more deeply through His Word, and know His Church more fully around the world, then please join us for Secret Church.

God will use this focused time of study to enrich our knowledge of His Word as we gain understanding of the state of His Church and our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. The objective of Secret Church is for you to pass along what you learn to others, so that you can make disciples of Christ--both locally and globally.

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