We serve because God has first served us. We believe that no one has ever served others quite the way that Jesus served others when he lived the life we could never live and died the death we deserve. We serve as a response to that, as an act of worship. We have lots of amazing opportunities to serve at City on a Hill Church. See below for how you can be involved. 

in the community...

Serving in the community allows our church body to be a light to those who have not experienced the gospel. It helps in cultivating new relationships and making our city a better place to live. 

  • Step by Step Supportive Services - Step by Step Supportive Services provides both residential and outreach services to adults living with a variety of psychiatric disabilities. For more information on opportunities to serve look here
  • Brookline Housing Authority - The Brookline learning project offers English instruction for low income, Limited English Proficient adults as a service of the Brookline Housing Authority. Classes typically meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday either in the morning or evening. Volunteers play an invaluable role in the program by serving as teaching assistants, tutors, or conversation group leaders. Prior experience and/or Mandarin language skills are a plus but not required; training and on-going support is provided. To learn more, click here
  • Brookline Food Pantry
  • Steps to Success - Steps to Success is a community organization that works with children from low-income families in Brookline to enhance their educational opportunities. Right now they are seeking volunteers/tutors who can participate in after school programs for 4th through high school students. The after school programs take place in local schools and are 3-5 days a week for 2-3 hours a day. For more information on Steps to Success look here
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters - This mentoring program pairs a Big Brother or Sister with a child in need of a role model. They are always looking for volunteers to step up and serve children in the community. For more information on the organizations mission look here.

In the church... 

Serving in the church allows someone to give back to the body of Christ. Loving their brothers and sisters by contributing their time, energy, and spiritual gifts. Numbers listed are the amount of people we need to serve in these areas at this time. 

  • Coffee Team - 3 needed. Those on the coffee team are in charge of making and bringing the coffee to church on Sunday mornings.  
  • Set Up Coordinators - 2 needed. A set up coordinator is someone who is comfortable leading a group of people in set-ing up chairs, projectors, and hospitality for Sunday morning services. 
  • Pro-Presenter - 2 needed. This need requires someone who is comfortable with computers and willing to learn how to run pro-presenter. This program is what CoaH uses to display songs, scripture, and sermon notes on the projector.
  • Video-Tech - 2 needed. Video- tech volunteers will be in charge of setting up the video camera and lighting. As well as taping the sermon during either first or second service. 
  • Connections Table - 1 needed. Responsibilities at the connection table needs someone who greets newcomers and collects connection cards. This person should also be able to help visitors find community groups close to them. 
  • Scripture Readers - 4 needed. Scripture readers are people who are able to read the weeks passage in front of the congregation on Sunday mornings. Scripture readers must be members of the church. 
  • Ushers - 6 needed. Ushers greet individuals and families as they enter the gym for worship gatherings and help them find seats. 








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