5 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Retreat

Some of us may be feeling a little tired or lazy to sign up for the retreat, but we have a great retreat speaker lined up to speak to us about “Creating a Culture of Care” at CoaH, so in thinking about how we can care for one another better, here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Retreat:

5. It only happens once a year! This is a rare opportunity for our church to be able to get away from everyday life and immerse itself in God, nature, and community. Plus, it’ll be around the peak of leaf peeping season in New Hampshire, so you won’t want to miss it in all its glory!

4. There will be childcare! We are planning a fun-filled curriculum for the kids so you can have some adult conversations, or if you need to drop off your little ones just so you can catch a quick snooze - not that I’m advocating to skip out on worship service, but in line with “creating a culture of care,” sometimes you just need to come so that you (and your little ones) can be cared for as well.

3. There will be marshmallows! What’s a retreat without S’mores?!? Enjoyed by both young and old! ’Nuff said.

2. Everyone else is doing it! Ok, that’s not exactly true, but many relationships at CoaH have been formed in the car on the way to retreats, so if you think you don’t know anyone at CoaH or you don’t have a way to get there, know that we've got you covered! Carpools will be arranged and spending 40 hours with us at Pilgrim Pines may be the best way to get to know us! And then, it will seem like everyone you know is going to the retreat!

1. God is where his people are! You never know what may happen, so it’s best to follow that little voice that is telling you to go to the retreat and sign up today! You won’t regret it! That, I can promise!

See you at Pilgrim Pines, October 13-15!

A bonus reason: We are going to a new retreat site that has motel-style rooms and great food (as far as camp food goes). You won’t want to miss this! (See! We did care about your feedback from previous retreats!  ;) )

Office Manager