Pastoral Reflection 9.20.15


Each year our church takes a retreat to get away from every day life and focus on the things that are most important - our relationships with each other and the Lord. 

1. Spiritual Renewal
Do you realize that your greatest need right now isn't to check the next thing off your list or win the love of that special someone, but rather to draw near to the Lord? We believe that God is most glorified when we're most satisfied in Him. What better way to position yourself to be satisfied in the Lord than giving one of your weekends to spend with your brothers and sisters while worshiping him?

2. Relational Connections
Are you new? Lonely? Having a hard time connecting with others - especially those who aren't in your community group?

When building solid relationships with others, there is no replacement for good old fashions TIME TOGETHER. The retreat allows us to concentrate on getting to know each other in a way that no other event the church organizes allows.

3. Physical Beauty
Have you ever been to rural New Hampshire during the fall? If you have, read no further. If you haven't, it's something you need to experience! The retreat center is on a beautiful lake with wonderful fall foliage. The campground amenities are more than satisfactory. It's a pleasant place to spend a weekend!

4. Unusual Format
This year's format is a little different than years' past. Instead of having one preacher the whole time, we're going to have a series of shorter talks given by your peers in the congregation at City on a Hill. Each talk will last 14-17 minutes on how to integrate the gospel of Jesus into your life. The theme is the Gospel-Centered Life.

5. Flexible Finances
One thing we want to make super clear - finances should NOT KEEP YOU from going on the retreat. If you can't pay your way, we understand that and offer scholarships. Or if you can pay some, but not all, we can work that out too! Just check "I need a scholarship" on the form & we'll be in touch.

Vicky Nooe