5 Reasons to Invite Someone to Alpha

We're launching an Alpha Course on September 26th. Here are 5 reasons to invite one of your friends.

1. It could change your friend's life! Lets be honest here, this should be the only reason we need! If we really love our friends, then we want whats best for them, and we believe that what is best for all people is to have a real, thriving relationship with Jesus. This is behind all the heartache and longing in the world - we all long for Jesus to make the world new. Your friend could trust Jesus, and that can affect their entire eternity!

2. The worst thing they could say is "no thanks." Maybe you'll invite your friend they'll think you're a freak and stop talking to you... But that probably won't happen. Most people don't hate Christians, they just don't care about Christianity. So even if you do invite them and they say "no," at least you've started a real conversation about faith! And if they say "yes," it could really help build your relationship! You could become even closer friends in a short amount of time.

3. Jesus calls us to share our faith. Jesus gave us a mission to go and make disciples. If you're a Christian, this is your priority - according to Jesus. Sharing your faith and making disciples should be your priority. Who else will tell them? How many Christian friends do your non-Christian friends have? Probably not many. You're called to be the light of the world!

4. A good home-cooked meal every Wednesday night? Who could pass that up. Lots of us work a lot, eat out a lot, eat easy stuff a lot - won't it be nice to have a regular home cooked meal on Wednesday nights? 

5. Low-pressure, open conversations about real things. Alpha is geared for people who aren't Christians, who are skeptical, or who are even apathetic. The conversations are about things that have eternal consequences, but they're still casual. It's just good to spend time with other people and listen to what they think on different issues that actually matter... instead of just talking about TV or football.

- Pastor Fletcher 

Fletcher Lang