Alpha Course - Fall 2015

Alpha Leadership Team from the Spring 2015 course!

Alpha Leadership Team from the Spring 2015 course!

Alpha Launches on October 7th @ 133 Walnut St. Brookline! 

The Alpha course is a practical introduction to the Christian faith and is open to anyone. It runs as a series of weekly meetings with an informal meal, a talk, and small group discussion. There are fifteen talks covering the basic principles of the Christian faith given over a ten-week period, including a weekend or day away. It is relaxed, nonthreatening, low key, friendly, and fun. Alpha is for everyone, especially those wanting to investigate Christianity, new Christians, newcomers to the church, and those wanting to brush up on the basics.
As founder Nicky Gumbel says “Alpha is more than another program. It’s about people coming to Jesus Christ, being filled with the Spirit, getting excited about Jesus, and spending the rest of their lives serving Him. Therefore, it’s about churches growing – churches being filled and churches being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Check out the ALPHA WEBSITE here for more info about Alpha. 

If you are excited and inspired now is your chance to be involved! CoaH is gearing up to run our second Alpha course starting in September and there are a range of ways to be involved: 

  • Bring your friends – Bland has challenged us all to pray for 1 person over a 30 day period. Why not pray about that person attending Alpha in the Fall… and then step out in faith and invite them? But why stop there… take a jump of faith and identify 5 people and invite them, you might be surprised how open people are to this opportunity. This program is designed for non-Christians – imagine your five best friends being saved… how awesome would that be? 
  • Prayer partner – if intercession is your thing then we’d love to have you be a prayer partner. We’re looking for Christians who will commit to praying over all aspects of the program from the logistics to individual guests on the course. 
  • Task force member – maybe you’re a gifted helper. Task force members help behind the scenes, setting up the room, cooking the food, making coffee and basically making the experience as fab for our guests as possible.
  • Group Hosts & Helpers – or could you be a host or helper? These people host the discussions after the talk and make friends with the guests in the course.  Look around at the folks in your CG – who would you trust your best non-Christian friend with?  This person would probably make an awesome host or helper… or maybe it’s you?  This is one of the most rewarding things you can be involved in but it is a big commitment.  You’ll be expected to commit to:
    • 10 weeks of the Alpha course itself (Wednesday nights Oct 7 –Dec 16)
    • 3 team training sessions – 2 before the course and 1 before the weekend/day away (Sept 16 & 21, Nov 10)
    • The Alpha weekend/day away (Nov 14/15)
    • Possible social occasions with your group
    • The Alpha Celebration Lunch at the end of the course
    • Keeping in contact with guests when the course is over
    • Praying for each group member every day

However you’d like to be involved we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking to have a team in place in early Aug for plenty of time to prepare before the first training session.

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