God, Google, and CoaH

How did you first find CoaH? Was it a T-ad? Maybe the invitation of a friend? Through the BIG move or receiving a granola bar? All of these are ways that people connect with CoaH but one other way (and one central to all of them) is online. When people do a general search for a church or search our church online it almost always involved Google and social media.

In the first century, communities were closely knit and relied on word of mouth to share experiences and spread ideas. To engage a community, the Apostle Paul would go into the marketplace, synagogue, or other public gathering spot to share the gospel. People were connected, stories were shared, and people would tell their friends.

Our world has changed dramatically to say the least. Even churches with permanent facilities are often overlooked because we live in culture where ideas are exchanged virtually. In many ways, the modern marketplace where ideas are exchanged is the internet, with Google and social media being the hub. When you search “City on a Hill Church” everything shows up, from our website to reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp. These are the first things people see when they are considering checking out City on a Hill Church.

We want to have a presence in the marketplace that encourages people to check out CoaH so they can hear the life changing message of the Gospel and encounter Jesus’ people. We need your help to make this happen. What can you do? Here are a few opportunities… please consider doing one or more!

  1. Google – write a short google review of City on a Hill. Avoid “Christian-ese” and be specific without going overboard (“CoaH is the greatest church on planet earth!”).

  2. Facebook:

    1. Like City on a Hill’s Facebook page

    2. Write a review of CoaH (avoid “Christian-ese” and be specific about positives)

    3. Like posts on our page when they show up in your feed. It helps increase CoaH’s reach and can put a post or event in a friend’s feed who may be open to exploring faith or who may be struggling right now.

    4. Take a pic on a Sunday and check-in when you are in a gathering.

  3. Instagram:

    1. Follow our CoaHchurch account and like photos

    2. Take a photo on a Sunday and add your location.

    3. Hashtag #coah #coahchurch when you are doing stuff with your CG, attending an event, serving in the community, etc.

  4. Yelp – Google uses Yelp reviews to consider whether a business is legit. Currently we have 3 whole Yelp reviews. ☺ Please consider writing a review, especially if you are a regular reviewer on Yelp (that gives it more weight).

We want to make it as easy as possible for all kinds of people to stumble across CoaH online and connect with Jesus!!!

Pastor Bland

Office Manager