7 reasons to apply for the LEAD Fellowship

LEAD Fellowship is an one-year intensive leadership development program that consists of lectures from CoaH elders and guest speakers, a comprehensive curriculum, small group discussion, mentorship, and service. To learn more or apply, click here.

1. Churches need leaders. Our church needs leaders. LEAD Fellowship is the first step toward church leadership at City on a Hill. With the level of transience around CoaH, we view leadership development as a must. We want to raise up leaders to send them out, while still raising up a large amount of leaders to continue to carry the burden around here.

2. LEAD Fellowship is driven by a spectacular curriculum called "Porterbrook." Porterbrook was written by Tim Chester (co-author of Total Church). It includes short video lectures, scripture readings, reflections, and teaching from a top notch Bible teacher.

3. Build a strong relationship with other members in different groups and life-stages. We're intentional to make LEAD as diverse as possible so that you can learn from each other.

4. It's a good way to get to know your current leaders. Maybe you've been around for a while, but haven't gotten to know any of the pastors or elders well. The sessions are lead by a rotating group of teachers. 

5. Built in mentoring. We're trying hard this year to implement mentoring as an aspect of LEAD. I have found that many people want mentors, but few have them. We're trying to build that in to LEAD.

6. Many people desire to go to seminary but lack the time or money to put their current ambitions on hold and move to a theological institution. Or they want to continue in their current career, but still have a big desire to grow in knowledge of God and the Bible. LEAD Fellowship is like a mini-seminary course designed for lay-people.

7. LEAD is challenging. It's not a cake walk. It will stretch you. The curriculum and extra assignments are time intensive and are intentionally designed to get into your heart and life.

Fletcher Lang