City On A Hill Songs and Liturgy - August 4, 2019

Welcome to our series of posts in which we recap songs sung and liturgy spoken at City On A Hill Church in Brookline/Boston.

For a link to a Spotify list of songs we've sung and what we'll be singing each week, see the bottom of this post. Songs not available on Spotify will linked within the post.

Opening Prayer

Instrumental - The Lord’s Prayer

SONG - Alpha And Omega

SONG - Sovereign God

Passing of the Peace

Scripture Reading


SONG - O Praise The Name (Anastasis)

VoV - The Saviour (Abridged)

Lord Jesus,

God of all grace,

You have become my Savior,

   produce in me a faith to live for You,

   to make You all my desire,

     all my hope,

     all my glory.

May I enter You as my refuge,

   build on You as my foundation,

   walk in You as my way,

   follow You as my guide,

May I conform to You as my example,

   receive Your instructions as my prophet,

   rely on Your intercession as my high priest,

   obey You as my king.

Preserve me from this present darkness,

   so that sin does not draw me away,

    nor cause me to fear,

  nor have me doubt your goodness,

                nor lead me into error.

May I be a stranger and a pilgrim on earth,

   declaring plainly that I await the coming of Your city,

   my place in it becoming daily more clear,

   my love for it more perfect,

   my foretastes of it more abundant;

   and whatsoever I do may it be done

     in Your name. Amen.

SONG - Absent From Flesh