Pastoral Reflection 6.28.15

As we go through Romans 8, one thing we will reflect upon this week is “living by the Spirit”. An important question to ask, however, if you are a Christian, is whether you believe the Spirit to be a real person. Do you? If some of us are honest, we might be able to admit that God has not always felt like a person that we relate with. If you read the Bible carefully, this is precisely the thing that is happening throughout the account of man’s history with God. He is personal. He speaks. Moreover, because of the sacrifice of Jesus for us, He lives in us

If a personal God is living within you, would it not be silly to believe He does not speak directly to you? But this is precisely what many of us do, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it is a fearsome thing to believe God could be that close to us… perhaps it is not knowing where to start.

The good news is that Jesus has shown us how to live by the Spirit. As we go through Romans, remember that Jesus has shown us exactly what a human living by the Spirit would do.

We know that Jesus had the Spirit descend upon Him during His baptism, which is what happens when any of us becomes a Christian! Jesus reads the scriptures and knows them intimately. He spends time in solitude and prayer, often at the expense of sleep, listening for God’s voice and encouragement. He allows the Spirit to work in His public ministry and personal relationships, always relying on the Spirit for guidance and strength.

You and I know that other people often become objects and obstacles when we grow narrow-sighted and selfish in life, and this is a terrible error. How much more when the God who has made anything desires to relate to us from within! Church, let me encourage you as I encourage myself: let this go away from duty and towards a relationship.

Difficulties seem easier when you are walking it with someone who you believes understands you some….how much more when you begin to realize that you are walking it with someone who knows you better than you know yourself?

Let us give Him opportunities to provide as He has promised, by walking as Jesus walked. 

Grace and Peace,
Mike Hong

Vicky Nooe