Pastoral Reflection for 5.17.15

On Forgetting And Remembering

Last week we began our sermon series in 2 Peter, and he starts out right away by reminding the church of what Christ has done and has made possible.  Why? Because people tend to forget truth.

The theme of forgetting and remembering (and reminding) is one that is seen across the witness of scripture: God does and promises amazing things in history, and people either always needing reminders of what He has done and said, because too often they forget or disbelieve the promises and power of God.

I am struck by the fact that my newborn infant daughter will probably not remember all that we’ve done to care for her in her earliest days, and yet without this care she would not be alive! I know also that as she grows and develops, my wife and I will be responsible for encouraging and reminding our daughter of the woman that she is able to be. How will the child walk unless we hold her up by the arms and help her balance for the first time?

Likewise, each of us is in but our infancy as human beings who will live forever in eternity, and we tend to forget the God who has made us, and we also forget the power available to us in the Holy Spirit! The entire Bible (and indeed, the history of the world!) is a giant reminder from God!  Here we see that God is ultimately responsible for all things that exist.  Here we see that we were made by him and for him (Colossians 1:16), and we see that all of history was to bring glory to Jesus Christ, who was both fully God and fully man. Here we see that with God, all things are possible! The saints throughout history display an incredible testimony of a God who can change lies, restore brokenness, and heal wounds as a reflection of the complete restoration to come.

Grace and Peace,
Mike Hong

Vicky Nooe