Community Group Study Guide 5.10.15


This week is all about growth as a Christian. In what ways are you trying to grow outside of Spirituality right now? (Maybe physically, grow your mind, growing with a hobby, essentially looking for personal goals) 


(Remember: Your goal is good discussion, not just to get through all the questions. Choose the best, leave the rest.)

Read 2 Peter 1:1-11

Read v. 1. How does it make you feel to hear that Peter considers your faith of equal standing with his own? Why do you think that is?

Read v. 3-4. What stands out to you in these verses?

In v. 4, what “precious and very great promises” is Peter referring to?

v. 5-7 describe the life of growth for a Christian. How have you practically grown in your faith over the past six months? What contributed to that growth?

Read v. 8. What does it look like to be ineffective and unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus?

In v. 9, Peter talks about Spiritual blindness. Share about a time when you were blind to some aspect of your Spiritual life. How did God open your eyes?

V. 10 says to be diligent to confirm your calling and election. What does that mean and how should we do it?

(We normally will split into groups of men and women for more in depth sharing and prayer at the end. You can se one of the questions selected beforehand.)

Fletcher Lang