Don't Waste Your Holy Week

“Crucify him! Crucify him!” was the cry of the crowd as Jesus stood before Pilot awaiting his execution. I tend to feel such a disdain for that crowd. I think, “I would never have been a part of crucifying Jesus.” It is hard for me to grasp how the people missed he was the King of kings, the Lord of lords, and was the perfect Son of God who was about to lay down his life for their (and my) sins. How could they oppose someone so great, so loving, so amazing?

God has recently helped me to realize I am guilty of a more subtle and ugly sin than the crowd before Jesus. I am guilty of minimizing Jesus as central to my life or at least marginalizing Jesus in my life. I don’t yell “Crucify him! Crucify him!” but I simply live as if he isn’t the most important being in the Universe and the One I owe my very life to. It is like I cry out, “Ignore him! Ignore him!” when I go about my day focused solely on my priorities, my goals, and my desires. It is as if he is not important at all and I need the power of Jesus to help me to change.

As we enter Holy Week, the greatest need you and I have is to know Jesus on a deeper and more personal level. Jesus’ best friend, Peter, said, “In your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy…”(1 Peter 3:15). To honor Christ in your heart as Lord means to see him as the center of your life. How will you honor Christ this week? Let me suggest a few ways.

1. Take some extra time to pray and read the Bible. Pray to God that you know Christ’s presence throughout your day and that you will find your joy and identity in him. Read through the last week of Jesus life in one of the Gospels (for example, Matthew 21-27).

2. Join us for the Elder-led prayer this Tuesday morning at 6:30am at The 133. We’ll pray for needs in the church, for Good Friday Boston, our Easter gathering, and more.

3. Pray for and invite someone who isn’t involved in church to attend Good Friday at Faneuil Hall with you. Offer to take them to dinner after the 6pm gathering or before the 8pm.

4. Prepare for and participate in our Easter Gathering. Pray for God to move and Jesus to be glorified. Invite someone to come. Join us for pre-service prayer at 9:30am as we seek God and prepare to worship the risen Jesus!

My prayer for you this week is you won’t waste your Holy Week and you experience the presence and love of Christ in a powerful and refreshing way.

Pastor Bland

Office Manager