Facing Personal Brokenness

Hello friends.

As I reflect this week on my own life, I am struck by one thing: I am in many ways still a broken person. I have not suffered as many have, and yet I have suffered all the same. I have become more aware of my loneliness, and more recently my rage that comes from fears that flow deep within. 

Christ has healed much, but He also is far from done with me. 

I have realized too that the scars of my past have done one thing which I am all too aware of: I have seldom let people into my daily brokenness. I will surely tell them when I am broken, but will not let them actually be with me in that brokenness. And so I have not healed.

I was supposed to write about worship and life, but I am drawn instead to make this plea with you, brothers and sisters: we must not shrink away from each other. To shrink away reduces hurt and conflict, but it also breeds incredible loneliness and isolation. 

If there is one thing I long for more of in our congregation and for each of us, it is that we and others who seek shelter would find a place to reveal brokenness and find healing and restoration.

There is great risk, but also great reward.

You could spend hundreds of hours with people in your community group, workplace, or family, and still feel utterly alone with your problems and struggles.

Do you have struggles today? Fears? Hurts? Worries? Anger? Guilt and shame over the past?

Share them with someone. Take that step in your community group. Ask to meet with someone one on one. Pray with someone. We can’t always fix things, and sometimes the Lord has purpose for us in our struggles, but He is always with us. And we ought to be there with one another.

I pray these words encourage you today.

In Christ,

Mike Hong

Office Manager