Easter and the Next Sunday

Last weekend was truly an amazing time in the life of City on a Hill. Approximately 950 people from nine churches gathered at Faneuil Hall to remember the crucifixion of Jesus. Pastor Mike and some of CoaH’s band did an incredible job helping lead that gathering. On Sunday, whether it was filing up the Brookline High School’s auditorium and worshiping the risen Jesus together with one voice or gathering around the baptistery to celebrate with five people who took that step of faith, it was a glorious day for us as a church.

The unsung heroes of the weekend were the countless volunteers who helped make it all happen. I would love to highlight a few groups.

  • The band -  led Friday, then turned around and gave up part of their Saturday to set up equipment and practice so Sunday would go smoothly.

  • CoaH Kids servants – Mollie Dykstra and others came on Saturday to help set up for Sunday. All the volunteers on Sunday gave up being in the worship gathering in order to lead a quality, fun program for our children.

  • Brunch folks – Sean Jaynes and others helped coordinate all facets of the brunch ahead of time.  The set up team stepped in to become cooks so we could all enjoy eating together right after the gathering.

  • Tear down team - packed up all of the equipment and served until 3pm to unload it all back at Driscoll School.

After a Sunday like that we can think, “well, this week will be back to normal” but nothing is further from the way things should be. Encountering the risen Jesus changes us and creates a desire to experience Jesus more. So how can we keep the joy and excitement of Easter going? Here are a few ways:

  • Pray for God to continue to move in you, in our visitors, and in this Sunday’s gathering.

  • Show up early to greet new people and sit near the front to make space for others.

  • Introduce yourself to people around you. Yes, they may have been at CoaH as long as you, but they also may be brand new and meeting you will make them feel welcome.

  • Continue to pray for your friend for this year’s Reach emphasis. Sign up for weekly reminders and Scripture by texting “REACH” to 31996.

I am grateful for Easter but I don’t believe God wants it to be the best Sunday of 2017 for us as a church. Quite the contrary, I believe God is just beginning to move in our midst and wants to do much more. Will you join me in praying for it?

Love you all,

Pastor Bland

Office Manager