Pastoral Reflection 4.3.16

One of the things City on the Hill is passionate about is church planting. Over the past 6 years we have been involved in reaching other areas of Boston by mobilizing resources and people to help others know Jesus in a personal way. Today in addition to Brookline - Southie, Back Bay, and Waltham have church plants that are actively reaching people with the gospel. Church planting is not something we just talk about but want to actively be involved in.

Natick is a town where CoaH is actively working to plant a new gospel preaching church. My family and I moved almost a year ago to begin investing our lives in the people and town. It is strategically located in the center of metro west Boston and the potential to reach thousands of people with the Good News of Christ is huge. The town of Natick is full of families and, much like other areas in Boston, they pride themselves on education and sports.  We have personally met people who have never heard of Jesus, and others who have been hurt by church experiences in the past. There is currently no gospel preaching church within the town of Natick, and very limited access within driving distance. We want that to change.

In January, we launched a community group to begin praying and laying a foundation to launch a new gospel preaching church in Natick. We are beginning to see God unite the hearts of individuals to see Milestone Church launch in 2016. The ultimate goal of Milestone is to follow City on a Hill's footsteps and become an anchor church that will be able to mobilize resources and people to plant other churches throughout metro west Boston in the years ahead.

Ways you can pray for Milestone:

  • Salvation of many people who live in Natick
  • Our community group that meets Thursdays at 7pm
  • God would raise up leadership
  • Community group multiplication

Jay Mudd
Church Planting Resident

CoaH Church