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Kids Worship: April 9th - Once a month we are going to ask that you take your children into the larger gathering and sing together as a family after you've checked them into CoaH Kids. Then they will be dismissed with their teachers for the regular CoaH Kids program. 

Easter Sunday: Please join us for Easter Sunday worship at Brookline High School. There will be a children's ministry for your kids nursery through 3rd grade. The 4th - 6th graders will worship with their families in the larger gathering. Please feel free to invite your friends!

Kids' Summer Adventure: Join us for Kids' Summer Adventure July 24-28, 2017. During this fun week of games, songs, snack and bible lessons your kids will uncover the Truth about who God is! Register here.



This Week's Story is from: Acts 8:1-3; 9:1-31

Memory Verse: Romans 1:16 "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes..."

Summary: Thank you for continuing this journey of The Gospel Project® for Kids. Over the next six weeks, kids will learn about Paul’s life-changing encounter with Jesus. Saul was a devout Jew who was born in Tarsus (Phil. 3:5) and inherited his Roman citizenship from his father. (His Roman name was Paul; his Hebrew name was Saul.) So when people began talking about this man named Jesus and claiming that He was the promised Messiah, Saul took notice.

Saul believed strongly in the Jewish faith of his ancestors. He violently persecuted God’s church and tried to destroy it. (Gal. 1:13-14) He dragged believers from their houses and put them in prison. He approved of the stoning of Stephen, the first Christian martyr. Saul thought he was doing the right thing by defending Judaism, but God’s purposes could not be stopped.

As Saul was on his way to arrest believers in Damascus, the Lord stopped him in his tracks. Jesus revealed Himself to Saul, and Saul was never the same. Saul was convinced that Jesus is Lord. Saul later described the experience as being like dying and receiving a new life. (Gal. 2:20; 2 Cor. 5:17) God had a purpose and a plan for Saul. He had set Saul apart before Saul was even born. (Gal. 1:15) God said, “This man is My chosen instrument to take My name to the Gentiles” (Acts 9:15).

Salvation, sometimes called conversion, happens when a person recognizes his sin, repents, believes in Jesus, and confesses Jesus as Savior and Lord. Jesus changes a person’s heart, and as a result, his or her life is changed too. Jesus appeared to Saul and changed him inside and out. Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. (1 Tim. 1:15) Jesus called Saul, who was once an enemy of Christians, to spend the rest of his life telling people the gospel and leading them to trust Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Christ Connection: Jesus appeared to Saul and changed him inside and out. Jesus Christ came into the word to save sinners. (1 Timothy 1:15) Jesus called Saul, also known as Paul, who was once an enemy to Christians, to spend the rest of his life telling people the gospel and leading them to trust Jesus as Lord and Savior. 

Family Activity: Pop some popcorn and talk about how the heat source causes the popcorn kernels to change. Eat the popcorn together as you open your Bible to Acts 9 and briefly review Paul’s conversion. Talk about how Paul’s life was very different. Talk about how God changes Christians from the inside out to be more like His Son, Jesus.

Review Questions for Pre-K – Kindergarteners:

  • At first, did Saul believe that Jesus is the Son of God? (no)
  • What happened to Saul on his way to Damascus? (A bright light came down from heaven, and Jesus spoke to Saul)
  • What did Saul see? (He couldn’t see anything!)
  • Big Picture Question: What happened when Saul heard Jesus? Saul loved Jesus and told others about Him.
  • What did Saul say to the people in the synagogues? (“Jesus is the Son of God!)

Review Questions for 1st - 6th Grade:

  • Why was Saul going to Damascus? (He wanted to throw Christians in jail, Acts 9:1-2)
  • What happened when Jesus spoke to Saul? (A bright light shone from heaven and Saul fell to the ground. Jesus spoke to Saul and asked him why he was persecuting Jesus, Acts 9:3-4)
  • What did Jesus tell Ananias to do? (Go to Saul, Acts 9:11)
  • Why might Ananias have been afraid to meet Saul? (Saul wanted to hurt Christians. Many Christians weren’t sure if Saul had really changed or if he was just trying to tick them, Acts 9:13-14)
  • How do we know that Saul was changed? (He preached about Jesus, Acts 9:20)
  • How did believers help Saul escape when the Jews were plotting to kill him? (They lowered him over the city wall in a basket, Acts 9:23-25)
  • Big Picture Question: How did Jesus change Saul’s life? Jesus saved Saul from his sins.




March Memory Verse: "A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17

March Theme: Jesus is a Friend (Zaccheus, Luke 19:1-9)

From the parent take-home page:  Talk about friends. Help your child make a list of his or her friends. Remind your child that Jesus is your best friend. 

Pray: Praise Jesus that He is a friend. 



9AM Nursery: Children ages 0-1 year old are welcome to come play in the nursery at this service. There is a separate ministry for 2 - 3 year olds during this service. We provide cheerios for children over age 1 (unless specified by parents) and we try to spend a little bit of time reading the Bible story books. 

11AM Nursery: Children ages 0-3 years old are welcome to come play in the nursery at this service. We provide cheerios during Bible story reading time for children 1 year and older!

 ***IMPORTANT*** We have severe allergies in our nursery-aged kids. Only cheerios are give as a snack to children ages 1 years+. If your child cannot have cheerios, we will make an exception but feed him/her separately from the group. If possible, please bring a labelled water cup for your child to use during the nursery. If you've forgotten a label, the check-in coordinator would be happy to print out a label for you!




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