Community Group Study Guide Questions 3.2.15

These are questions that we use in our weekly community groups, but you can use them as questions for reflection throughout the week.


Go through the “highs” and “lows” of the past week. What’s been the best thing and worst thing about your week. If someone shares something particularly heavy, feel free to pause and pray for that person.

(Remember: Your goal is good discussion, not just to get through all the questions. Choose the best, leave the rest.)

Read 1 Peter 1:3-12


What does it mean that we have a “living hope” through the resurrection of Jesus? (v. 3)

What is the inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading? (v. 4)

According to this passage, why do Christians endure trials? (v. 6-7)

Re-read v. 10-12. What are these verses teaching us?

APPLY THE WORD (select 1 question beforehand to use in guy/girl time)

Re-read v. 8-9. Have you ever had a hard time believing that God is real because you can’t see him? How have you worked (or are you currently working) though that?

Verse 3 tells us that we have a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus, but anything that we put our hope in to satisfy us that’s not Jesus is a dead hope. What’s an example of a dead hope in your life? (Good one for men/women time)

Have you ever been able to rejoice in the midst of a trial like what’s described in v. 6. What did this look like?

How does it make you feel to know that angels are longing for what we get to experience with God?

(We normally will split into groups of men and women for more in depth sharing and prayer at the end. Use one of the questions from the application section selected beforehand.

Fletcher Lang