Rooted: Current Sermon Series

The ROOTED CAMPAIGN is a vision series for City on a Hill. Our goal is to grow deeper and wider as a church. To grow deeper, we’re going to be studying our core values and how they should be shaping us as a church. These are gospel, community, and mission. OUR HOPE is to recapture some of the urgency we had as a new church when we launched 4 years ago. We want to rid our minds of the fact that we’re an ESTABLISHED church before INSTITUTIONALIZATION occurs.

GOSPEL - Gain a deep understanding of how the gospel changes everything.
Four Sundays, September 14 - October 5

COMMUNITY - Commit whole-heartedly to sharing life in community.
Three Sundays, October 12-26

MISSION - Engage your neighbors &society with love.
Three Sundays, November 2-16

And mark your calendars for Celebration Sunday on November 23.