community group study guide questions 2.2.15

These are questions that we use in our weekly community groups, but you can use them as questions for reflection throughout the week.


In lieu of a traditional ice breaker, watch the Penn Jillette video together. You can also do highs & lows if you like.

(Remember: Your goal is good discussion, not just to get through all the questions. Choose the best, leave the rest.)

Read Acts 17:16-34.

Can anyone recap what happened in this passage?

How is Boston like a modern-day Athens?

What do you find unique about the way that Paul engages with the Athenians?

APPLY THE WORD (select 1 question beforehand to use in guy/girl time)
For those who are Christians, how were you personally convinced that Christianity was true?

Pastor Fletcher spent a lot of time talking about idols on Sunday. How would you describe this modern idea of an idol? (Allow conversation, but a good description is: “Any good thing that becomes an ultimate thing”)

Have you been able to identify any “idols” in your life this week? Try to tell us about a specific situation.

Have you had success in sharing the gospel with others before? Tell us about it.    

Who are you trying to share the gospel with right now? Can we pray for them together?

(We normally will split into groups of men and women for more in depth sharing and prayer at the end.)


Fletcher Lang