Community Group Study Guide Questions 2.15.15

Describe the neighborhood you grew up in. How has this shaped who you are?

One of the 5 goals that we have for 2015 is to do a better job of “applying the gospel message to all areas of our lives.” Because we didn’t get to worship together this past Sunday, we’re going to look at a passage that can help us understand what this means and practice it through the week.

(Remember: Your goal is good discussion, not just to get through all the questions. Choose the best, leave the rest.)

Read Colossians 3:1-4. Now, let’s read it again and really pay attention to what it’s saying.

What are some things that jump off the page and seem significant to you from this passage?

What all does this passage tell Christians to do?

According to this passage, what should be our motivation for doing the right things in life?

Would someone be willing to define the “gospel” for us? Where in this passage do you see that gospel message?

APPLY THE WORD (select 1 question beforehand to use in guy/girl time)
How is the gospel more than just a get our of hell free card?

How have you seen obsessing over earthly things cause you to be overwhelmed, disappointed, insecure, etc.? Be specific if you can.

Practically, what does it mean to seek the things that are above, or to set your minds on things above?

Think about all that you’ve experienced today. How might tomorrow be different if your thoughts were focused on things above.

(We normally will split into groups of men and women for more in depth sharing and prayer at the end. Use one of the questions from the application section selected beforehand.)

Fletcher Lang