Pastoral Reflection 2.14.16

New Elder Recognition Sunday

A few weeks ago we had a "member covenant renewal service." This was a sweet time for us to come together as a group of committed followers of Christ and remember why God has put us together here. During that meeting we had the privilege of laying hands on two men as new elders of the church, Jeff Johnson and Matt Harris. 

Both Matt and Jeff have been around City on a Hill for a quite a while and have clearly exemplified the character of elders. As Pastor Bland said during the covenant renewal service, "When a biblical church recognizes biblically qualified elders then jesus himself is affirming the elders for His church." This is a special thing.

Much confusion surrounds the question of "what is an elder" these days. Below you'll see a graphic illustrating the duties of an elder. Let me explain it briefly.

An elder is a qualified man among a plurality who pleads on the behalf of the church to God through word and prayer, and who pleads on behalf of God to the church through preaching/teaching, leading, and caring/shepherding. Not all elders do the same things, but all elders must do these things. And all elders must be qualified according the the Scripture in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

According to 1 Timothy 5, these men are worth our honor and respect. Show that to them today!

Fletcher Lang