Where Does It All Go?

“Where does it all go?” I remember being asked that question by a young girl in the church a few years ago. She was referring to all the dollar bills and lose change (we had a lot of college students back then) put into the offering baskets each Sunday. She wanted to know where the money ended up and most of us want to know the same thing. Beyond that we wonder, “What is it used for?” These are great questions and the end of the year is a great time to answer them.

The answer to the first question, “where does it go?” is connected to our system for financial transparency and accountability. The money is taken up, counted by two members (not pastors or staff), entered into our system, and then deposited into the bank. That income, and our online giving, are overseen by our treasurer, Abby Johnson. She works with our Finance Team, headed by Veronica Zhang, to oversee all the money that is given to and spent by CoaH. They report to and work with the elders to make sure we are good stewards of what Jesus gives us and invest it well for his kingdom. 

The second question, “what is it used for?” is equally important. City on a Hill’s budget, roughly $610,000, is broken down into the following categories.

  • 52%    Personnel (full & part time salary, benefits, etc.)
  • 2%      Services (Workers comp, FICA, accounting fees, etc)
  • 18%    Operations (rent, The 133 mortgage, insurance, utilities, printing, etc.)
  • 9%      Missions –local/international (church plants, oversees partners, BCPC, etc.)
  •  19%    Ministries (CoaH Kids, gatherings, community groups, justice, outreach, etc.)

These categories can seem boring but let me assure you that their impact is not! Investing resources in all of these areas is part of what makes City on a Hill the church we are today. In 2016, every person who has experienced new life in Jesus, the children who have been taught God’s Word, the free movie nights (partnering with the town of Brookline) for 1500+ people this summer, the launch of Milestone Church, Natick, and countless other expressions of the kingdom of God have been made possible by you!

As we close the year, I want to encourage you to pray for God to continue to move in and through CoaH in 2017 and also consider giving a year end gift to help CoaH continue to carry out our mission in the city. Your generosity will help us to be able to start 2017 strong and expand Jesus’ kingdom in Boston. You can give in our gathering, on our website, or on our new CoaH App.

Grateful for you all,

Pastor Bland



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