Pastoral Reflection 11.22.15

On Baptism...

This week we celebrate baptism. We get really excited about baptisms. 

The very nature of baptism hits on all three of CoaH's core values of gospel community and mission.

Baptism is a commitment that you are now a follower of Christ. Gospel.
Baptism is an initiation rite into the church family. Community.
Baptism is a declaration to the outside world that you are now set apart. Mission.

If you've become a Christian, you should be baptized. This is super clear in the Scripture. When we celebrate baptism, we're celebrating new life in Christ. In the Scriptures, every time someone comes to saving faith in Christ, we see them get baptized. This is not an optional thing for believers. Jesus told us to go and make disciples, and baptize them. 

If you want to sum up what we believe about baptism in one sentence, it's this: Baptism is a visible symbol of the spiritual reality of new life in Christ. 

Here are three ways for you to learn more about baptism:

  1. Read some of the Bible passages about baptism. Check out Romans 6:3-11, 1 Corinthians 12:12-13, Acts 2:38, Acts 8:12, and Matthew 28:18-20. 
  2. Talk to a pastor or email to have a meeting setup.
  3. Attend the next Baptism Class/Q&A that we'll have in January.
Vicky Nooe