Pastoral Reflection 10.18.15

"Because we in North America often have the world's goods and we now see our brothers and sisters in need, how will we respond? Consider a story told by Zac Niringiye, the assistant bishop of the Anglican diocese in Kampala, Uganda. He described how Uganda had started to reverse the trend of increasing numbers of HIV/AIDS cases to the point that new cases of and deaths from HIV/AIDS were actually on the decline. 'The secret was when the church owned the problem for ourselves,' Zac says. '...when we begin to realize that HIV/AIDS was affecting many of the Christian families in our churches, we changed our language. We started to say, `My family has AIDS.' That's when we got involved." 

This story forces us to ask ourselves this question: what struggles are my global family facing?


Paul Borthwick. Western Christians in Global Mission: What's the Role of the North American Church? (Kindle Locations 449-454). Kindle Edition. 

Vicky Nooe