Pastoral Reflection 10.4.15


We're launching our Alpha Course THIS WEDNESDAY, October 7! Alpha is an awesome way to foster real conversation about faith & Christianity. There's a free dinner, a short talk that we'll watch on the TV, and then some open and honest conversation with skeptics and Christians around the table. It's a great, low pressure way to engage friends in real conversation.

Here are 5 steps to invite your friends.

1. Pick a friend or two who you think may be interested.

We just did the 1for30 campaign a few months ago where we challenged everyone in the church to pick one person to pray for every day for 30 days. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to give God an opportunity to use your prayers to bring your friend to faith. Maybe you invite your 1for30 person, or you pick one or two other people to invite.

2. PRAY. 

God loves doing amazing things through our prayers! Before inviting anyone, ask the Holy Spirit to soften their heart and cause them to be open to coming.

3. Post on social media.

The page has all the information someone needs to get plugged into Alpha. You could share with your friends on twitter, facebook or instagram about Alpha. Maybe someone unexpected will check it out! And maybe God will lead the friend you've prayed for to see the website before you talk to them about it. Also, check out @coahalpha on twitter.

4. Personalize your invitation.

The best way to invite folks is to do it face-to-face. Or even through an email. You don't have to make it hard. Just say something like, "There's this thing my church is putting on called the Alpha Course. It's a free dinner, a short lesson, and a few people talking about faith on Wednesday nights. Would you like to come with me?" Then hand them the postcard. That way they can take it home and check it out themselves if they're interested and you don't have to hound them about it.

5. Follow up.

Give your friend a few days to think about it, but don't be afraid to follow up. Maybe just mention if they've thought about it. Or shoot them an email reminding them that it starts this Wednesday, so if they want to go, let you know!

Vicky Nooe