Community Group Study Guide Questions 1.18.15

These are questions that we use in our weekly community groups, but you can use them as questions for reflection throughout the week.


One thing that we like to do at the beginning of our meetings is start with prayer. It gets easy in groups such as these to enjoy being around one another and forget to pray for each other and to pray for God to move. Let’s devote ourselves to that by spending some time praying for these things:

•    Pray that God bind us together as a group and cause each of us to grow in our understanding and obedience to the truth.
•    Pray that God bring an end to such things as abortion, human trafficking, and racism that devalue human beings.
•    Pray for those who feel like the outcast in our own congregation. Pray that God show how they are valuable and cared for.

What is one thing that you’re passionate about that everyone may not already know?

(Remember: Your goal is good discussion, not just to get through all the questions. Choose the best, leave the rest.)

Read Genesis 1:26-28.

After reading this passage, what are some things that you find interesting or that you have questions about? (Challenge you group to answer those questions if possible!)

What does it mean for humanity to have dominion over every living thing on earth?

From a biblical framework, why is racism wrong? How about abortion or human trafficking?

What does Jesus have to do with this passage and with the greater topic of humans being made in God’s image?

APPLY THE WORD (select 1 question before hand to use in guy/girl time)
How do you treat those who can do the least for you? Someone who is lower on the success ladder or unemployed or ringing up your groceries?

Have you ever felt devalued as a person? If you feel comfortable, tell us about it. How can an understanding of your being made in God’s image speak to your heart?

How can we as a group (and each of us as individuals) help make CoaH a more hospitable place for people who may not fit into the primary demographic and get overlooked?

Ask yourself this question: What if 2015 was the last year of my life? How would you invest your time differently to make a difference? 

We normally will split into groups of men and women for more in depth sharing and prayer at the end.

Discuss one of the questions from the application list.

Fletcher Lang