Reach 2017

City on a Hill finished 2016 with the elders challenging the church to give $80,000 to support CoaH’s ministry, with the first $5000 over that amount going directly to support our most recent church planter, Jay Mudd (Milestone Church, Natick). A partner of ours generously offered to match that amount and turn our $5000 into $10,000. So, how did we do? When the final count was done, CoaH gave almost $95,000!!! Not only did we reach our goal and support a new church plant, we supported the ongoing ministry of CoaH in an amazing way!!!

As we start 2017, what is next for City on a Hill as we seek to serve others and extend Jesus’ kingdom in Brookline and Boston? Our focus this year is built around the word “Reach.” God is calling us, by faith, to “reach” in several key ways this year:

1. Reach the marginalized and hurting –This year there will be new opportunities for our Community Groups and individuals to serve in justice ministries. Some of them will be “one-off” events and others will be ongoing ministries and partnerships.

2. Reach new areas – God is calling us this year to develop a strong college ministry, to connect with more individuals and families in Brookline Housing, to reach out to long-time Brookline and Boston residents, and more. As CoaH continues to grow we need to look at making space for new people to be in community groups and to gather for worship.

3. Reach your friend – God wants us all to step out on mission with Jesus this year by being more intentional with our friends. The elders are asking each of us to commit to pray for one non-Christian friend, one time a day, for the entire year. In addition, we would be committing to seek to serve this person, to invite them into our home, to invite them to a CG/church event or service, and to share the gospel with them this year. We believe that if each of CoaH’s 300+ people are praying for, loving, serving, and sharing the gospel with a friend, God will use that in ways we can’t imagine.

4. Reach with resources – As we move from being a church that has depended on outside resources to a church that is more financially healthy, we want to move into greater levels of generosity. We want to be able to step in quickly to serve needs in our community and to be known as a church that loves others in Jesus’ name with our time, our energy, our talents, and our finances.

5. Reach with prayer – In John 15:5, Jesus said, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” Without Jesus’ power, the entire reach campaign is nothing more than some human ideas. Seeking God in prayer this year is not an option nor is it simply a strategy. It is the most important thing we could do for CoaH and for the kingdom of God in Brookline and Boston. We will focus on prayer a ton this year and a week of fasting and prayer, during January 22-28 will kick that off.

This is a very brief summary and you will see and hear tons of other facets of each of these parts of the Reach campaign. I hope you are excited about participating in Reach and will join me in praying that Jesus will be big in our church and city this year!

 Grateful for you all,

Pastor Bland

Makenna Holford