We are excited about what God is doing at CoaH.  As we come to the conclusion of our 1for30 Campaign we want to hear of how God worked in the life of those you were praying for and in your own life. One of the ways we want to celebrate how God worked is by asking you to share!  If you are willing take a look at he instructions below and submit video telling us how God used the past 30 days for His Glory!


1) Take time to write out you thoughts on paper using 2 key questions: 

    1. How did God work in the life of the person you were praying for? 
    2. how did God use this time to impact your own spiritual life?

2) For Video use a laptop if possible, though a phone is fine too

3) Keep your video to 60 seconds or less

4) Please make sure the camera on the device is at eye level so you are not looking down into the camera

5) Primary light sources should be above or in front of you, but NOT behind you (this makes you very dark in the video).

6) Make sure you are in a quiet area/room. Do not record this in a noisy cafe or outdoor environment