Middle School/high school 

We have a group of teenagers that meet regularly to hang out and study the Bible with some of our young leaders at the church. If you would be interested in being a part of this group, fill out this form so we can contact you with more information. The group is meeting most Sunday evenings at 4PM at 133 Walnut St. Brookline.

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The City of Boston is approximately ⅓ students, not to mention the number of universities and students in the Greater Boston area.  Some of the future’s most influential people in the world come to study in our backyard, and so it is a tremendous opportunity to influence the world for Christ.

The college campus is an incredibly open environment for discussing faith and reaching unbelievers on campus. Unlike the workplace, where faith conversations might be taboo or considered inappropriate, the university setting encourages dialogue and conversation, allowing for rich discussion and sharing of the gospel.

City On A Hill recognizes that in order for us to effectively reach the college campus with the gospel, it is imperative that we collaborate with evangelical parachurch ministries that are uniquely positioned to reach students on campus as official student-run organizations.

Our church encourages both participation in our local church and the mission to students on campus. We also encourage our non-students to support and serve in campus ministry in a multitude of ways, including the giving of resources, time, and funds to support the mission on campus. 

If you're a student, here are a few ways to connect with CoaH:

  • Join our Sunday Worship Gatherings - We believe it is crucial for you to continue to gather with the local church and remember that the body of Christ is not just students in the same life stage!

  • Join a Community Group - CGs are available to serve as community hub points for students who need mentorship and reprieve from non-stop peer relationships on campus.

  • Become a member - Accountability, oversight, and formally joining a local body of Christ is crucial during this time in which you'll be spending a majority of your days in our city!

  • Connect with other CoaH college students - We have a diverse church with people from all different stages of life! Contact Mike at mike@coahchurch.org for details on upcoming college student gatherings.



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