LEAD graduates from our first year in 2015-16!

LEAD graduates from our first year in 2015-16!

LEAD Fellowship is an one-year intensive leadership development program that consists of lectures from CoaH elders and guest speakers, a comprehensive curriculum, small group discussion, mentorship, and service.

The elders at CoaH want to take leadership development seriously. While we are still a young church of around six years old, the Lord has given us so much potential to develop leaders to serve in this local church and in churches around the world. We believe we have a biblical mandate to disciple and equip God’s people to lead God’s church. 

We want to develop both men and women as leaders. Ideally, the LEAD fellowship will function with equal numbers of men and women. While the Bible is clear that the office of “elder” is designed for men, we see developing female leaders in the local church to be a responsibility that too few churches prioritize. 

The LEAD fellowship is our pipeline for church leadership. It's a prerequisite for the eldership and deaconship.

The primary goal of the LEAD fellowship is to be a system for accomplishing the mandate of Ephesians 4:11-12 – And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for the building up the body of Christ.


The LEAD Fellowship is an intensive program focused on living and leading others toward a gospel-centered life. You should view the LEAD Fellowship as the equivalent as one college course worth of work. It’s like a mini-seminary degree packed into one year. 

We meet every first Sunday of the month at the 133 at 5PM. These meetings will focus on teaching & discussion. Every third Sunday of the month there will be gender specific meetings in homes. These meetings will focus more on mentoring, discussion, & character. Childcare may be offered if necessary.

All the participants are expected to be increasingly involved in the ministry of the church as the fellowship continues, but we recognize that this will look different for each person.

We will be using the Porterbook material to navigate our time together, although sometimes we may supplement this material with other things of interest. Porterbrook is a curriculum that teaches Christians how to live in the light of the Bible story at the heart level in the context of community on mission to the world.

Here is an outline of what we will cover over the course of a year. The homework will be about 3-5 hours of work a week. Most people find the work very devotional.

September 4 - Large Group - Welcome/Introduction + Who is CoaH? Vision, Values & Distinctives
September 18 - Small Group - Character – Gospel Change

October 2 - Large Group - Personality Assesment (Additional Homework Due: Enneagram)
October 16 - Small Group - Character – Gospel Relationships

November 6 - Large Group - What are Elders/Deacons?
November 20 - Small Group - Church – Gospel Community (Additional Homework Due: Life Maps)

December 4 - Large Group - Biblical Manhood & Womanhood (Additional Homework Due: 50 Questions about Biblical Manhood & Womanhood)
December 18 - Small Group - OFF, but still read - World - Evangelism

January 8 - Large Group -  Conflict Resolution
January 22 - Small Group - Bible & Doctrine – The Bible in Missional Perspective (Additional Homework Due: Keller Devotional Plan)

February 5 - Large Group - Reformed
February 19 - Small Group - Bible & Doctrine – Understanding God’s Story

March 5 - Large Group - Pastoral Care / Counseling (Additional Homework Due: Cure of Souls - David Powlison)
March 19 - Small Group - Church – Keeping it Missional

April 2 - Large Group - Leadership Principles (Additional Homework: Process Managing Document)
April 23 - Small Group - World - Apologetics

May 7 - Large Group - Spiritual Gifts
May 21 - Small Group - Character – Gospel Living

June 4 - Large Group - Finances
June 18 - Small Group - Bible & Doctrine – Union with Christ

July 2 - Large Group - Diversity & Justice
July 16 - Small Group - Church – Church History in Missional Perspective

August 6 - Large Group - Celebration
August 20 - Small Group - World – Engaging with Context



There are several qualifications for the LEAD Fellowship.
•    Must be a member or actively pursuing membership at CoaH.
•    Must be participating in a CG.
•    Must have an exemplary and teachable character.
•    Must commit to the full year and at least 80% of attendance.
•    Must commit to complete at least 80% of the homework.

Even if you meet all the qualifications, space is limited, and not all who apply will be selected to participate. We will follow up with each applicant though, and this is a program that we hope to continue for many years to come, so there will be more opportunities.

The cost for the LEAD School is $360 a person over the year; each curriculum course costs $30 and can be paid for individually. Financial aid is available by checking the financial aid box on your application. We do not want finances to get in the way of anyone completing this process. We are glad to provide scholarships as needed. 

If you have any questions or comments about the program, contact Pastor Fletcher at fletcher@coahchurch.org.