133 Work Day

  • The 133 133 Walnut St. Brookline, MA

This Saturday, February 20, we're going to have a 133 Work Day. "The 133" is the nickname of the church's small building at 133 Walnut St. in Brookline. We're working to renovate it.

The 133 is a blessing that the Lord has given us (it's a crazy story how the Lord gave us this building, we'll share on Sunday in a few weeks). We use it for office space, small group meetings, Alpha, LEAD fellowship, and short team residents and some long term residents. 

Anyone can help with our renovation process! There is always a leader who knows what they're doing, and they can teach you anything! Join us & get to know some other folks! 

February 14
College Lunch
February 21
College Lunch